When to Use an Air Ambulance Service in Jakarta

Get Help, Ambulance in the Sky

Accompanying a loved one or friend on an air ambulance flight from Jakarta can get a little difficult for you if you do not take any precautions before the flight. An air ambulance can be really convenient and at the same time a little scary for the passenger.

Air ambulanceHere are some things to remember so that the next time you’re on an air ambulance flight in Jakarta you won’t feel like you’re having a hard time on the flight.

  • Try to take a decongestant, as told by the package, a day before the trip to avoid any nasal issues.
  • If you are the type that gets pressure related middle ear problems during flights, try to yawn widely or swallow while the air ambulance is taking off or landing. Sometimes the service allows you to chew gum or they even provide bubblegum sometimes.
  • Try not to take any drinks that are rich in caffeine and alcoholic drinks on and before the flight. They drinks will dehydrate you and the air inside the aircraft might sometimes be dry so you might have issues with keeping hydrated.
  • The temperature inside the Jakarta air ambulance might be too cold so make sure you wear a lot of layers of clothing. So in case it gets too warm you can always take of some layers, you can control your own temperature.
  • If it’s okay with the crew you can get up to stretch your legs. This is necessary to avoid any blood clots or cramps because you’ve been sitting in the same position for long in the air ambulance.
  • Always don’t forget to drink plenty of water the day of the flight. This is probably the tip that is so common, but it’s so simple people sometimes forget to do it.

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