Air Ambulance Service in Las Vegas NV & Other Medical Transportation

Different Medical Transportation Services

Ambulance services are often available to patients with different conditions for 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. To many people, the ambulance service they are familiar with is the ground ambulance. Whether for emergency or non-emergency, they call 911 to have an ambulance transport them to the nearest medical facility. A life-threatening condition of the patient usually leads to his/her death due to the delay in time and duration of trip. For those who are not yet aware, there is other medical transportation available like air ambulance service in Las Vegas, NV.

Air AmbulanceIt is a common scene in a ground ambulance that the emergency medical team and paramedics are attending to the needs of the patient during the transport to the nearest hospital. The ambulance crew has capability in numerous life-saving procedures. This is the best option to for patients experiencing life-threatening condition or acute psychiatric issues and living close to medical centers.

In case a patient has lethal medical condition that requires immediate attention, the air ambulance medical transportation is the best option especially for patients located several miles away from a medical facility. The Las Vegas air ambulance aircraft could a helicopter or jet with onboard medical equipment and medical practitioners to provide urgent treatment.

The medical transportation using a helicopter or jet is also the preferred option when patients are to be transferred to a medical facility in another state or foreign country. Such transportation is also the option for patients who are bedridden or with disability. Instead of taking the commercial flights, they hire the air ambulance service to travel to another state or country for treatment.

You certainly have other options to get the urgent medical assistance you need aside from the ground ambulance, like air ambulance service in Las Vegas, NV.

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